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Me a Hypocrite?….’Fraid So

Looking all svelte and polished in her lemon yellow fitted gown doesn’t alter the fact Kathy Griffin’s  got one of the trashiest mouths around…Nor does Chris Rock’s debonair flair minimize his potty-mouth status…Why don’t they bother ME more? Or has all the fouled-up air … Continue reading

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“J Edgar”

Pretty good make-up job on Leonardo (as real picture of J. Edgar on left suggests,) but “Oh, Lord, poor Arnie Hammer who played Clyde Tolson.”   _____________________________________________ Oh, Clint, what could you be thinking?  I mean,  I was so excited to … Continue reading

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I’ll Be the Record-Keeper

To the right, is one album (of two) I made up of recent trip to Slovenia my younger daughter and I took.  Why’d I do it?  I knew she’d never have the time, and I wanted both of us to have a record of … Continue reading

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