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A Special “Biddy Bytes” for Thanksgiving

  “Waste of a Heart?” Hardly Black and white is the color theme in her shop, but it’s hardly maudlin. A painted banner of a version of an Edmund Burke  quote runs across an interior beam of the store, stating: “Evil Triumphs … Continue reading

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How to ‘Shut Down Your Stalker’ at Holiday Dinners…..

    Get ready for the Ghost of Holidays Yet to Come, Better Known as “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” (Hint:  Your Nemesis)   Here’s my time-tested answer to their nastiness…Feel free to give us your own suggestions, too.  We’re … Continue reading

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Who Reads Biddy Bytes? (And “Do the Numbers Lie?”)

      Some Interesting ‘Facts’ Who’s my audience and where are you in the mix? Well my readers are primarily 25-34 year old women, for the most part. The’re single; they don’t have children (yet); they’re mostly college-educated; and they access me from computers at work  … Continue reading

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