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SDWR and J-P-L

(The setting for my first marriage, St. Mary’s of Crompton, the oldest diocese in the valley. What happened there on August 9, 1969, would seriously impact my entire life going forward.) For most of my life, I was a devout … Continue reading

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Casey Anthony: It’s the Lies That’ll Get Her

(One of the photos made famous in wall-to-wall coverage of a trial that’s gripped the nation, here’s Casey Anthony in happier times. Photo by Lies…lies…and more lies. That’s the ongoing theme in a trial that currently rivets the nation. … Continue reading

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‘Something Wicked This Way Comes:’ Beware Deer Ticks

(Here’s the little critter that can wreak so much misery. Note their distinct markings and the characteristic ringed bite. They hang out in leaves, on grass, in the woods, and they’re waiting to bite you or ones you love…..) “Alert!…Alert!…Alert!!! … Continue reading

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