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It’s Never Too Late To Become Who You Might Have Been

Ann Mary Robinson painted this scene, but that name isn’t how you know her (Careful–this just may be a Jeopardy question at some point). She pursued what she believed in. On, not in a showy way, but she accepted life’s … Continue reading

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A Cancer Tale I Can Live With

(The Emperor of All Maladies A Biography of Cancer gives a riveting history of the disease, explaining why we haven’t “won” this battle. Do others value Dr. Mukherjee’s writing? It’s won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize.) I sometimes wonder why I … Continue reading

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“Do I Really Want to Sell?” “Of Course (Not)!”

Here’s the house I took on alone, weeks after my fiancee died. I’ve owned it 20 years (ironically, those became some of the best years of my life.) I’m worried, however, for I think I suffer separation-anxiety already…More pix below. … Continue reading

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