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World’s Richest Man (in Many Ways)

Here are the three who consistently jockey for top spot among the world’s richest. At #1 position is the middle guy, Carlos Hetu Slim (could be why he’s laughing so broadly), beating out #2, Bill Gates of Microsoft (bottom picture), … Continue reading

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Money–It Doesn’t Pay to Save (a Lot)

(Photo of Andrew Jackson’s, Ulysses S. Grant’s, Ben Franklin’s, courtesy of And why are there no women’s faces on our paper currency? That sends a message, for sure!) I tell my grown kids: “Stop stressing over money and worrying … Continue reading

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Is Ronald Reagan Alive? (“Most Definitely!”)

(Who wouldn’t like this guy who always appeared affable? Then, too, he seemed to really like being President. Was it just an act?) OK, I admit it: I was confused. Months ago I was in a supermarket and there before … Continue reading

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