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Does Birth Order Predispose One in Life (and Is It Iron-Clad)?

Oprah Winfrey more than fulfills expectations of a First-Born (plus, she’s got a ton of talent). The ranks of President and the US Congress are comprised, primarily, of first-borns. Conversely, protesters on a picket line–or union stewards–are often middle children? … Continue reading

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Beware the Body Snatchers

(Here they are, running away from the alien life force bent on supplanting them, when all they really needed fear was “Going to sleep.” That’s when the real action happened.) The title suggests the 1950’s film about an alien life … Continue reading

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Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat”

  (“The Fog Warning,” a famous painting by Winslow Homer, is a smaller version of the boat in the story.) ***The following story summarizing Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat” is inspired by the sequence of horror confronting the Japanese people, … Continue reading

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