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Caveat Emptor: “Let the Buyer Beware”

(The 1971 baby car seat that turned into many other items looked something like the one above whose metal support bars slid between the cushions of the upholstered car seat. It definitely wouldn’t pass today’s strict safety standards.) I was … Continue reading

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“Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”

Now, if these marvelous men only had more style….Maybe wear pumps like the ones below, but, on second thought, those’d be more aptly worn to “follow the yellow brick road,” and domestic abuse is never that pretty. Biddy salutes all … Continue reading

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“Are You Going to the Wedding?”

Need a tiara? This one sitting on royal blue satin is available, along with wigs and other “jewels” at Secrets of the Duchess in Woodfin, North Carolina. The owner, an equal-opportunity enterpreneur, provides hair services to ALL: the usual clinetele … Continue reading

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