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“Life Imitates Art” or Vice Versa

Picture below depicts a Cox service team working Lilliputian-style on a giant computer mouse, mimicking the NASCAR team who are all about “speed” (preparing the mouse for heightened internet optimization). The picture to right is artist Salvador Dali’s “soft watch”… … Continue reading

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Bike Paths: A Source of Never-Ending Beauty

(Here’s some of what you’ll see as you hum along a bike path. This one’s the Blackstone Valley Bike Path in Rhode Island, something the state did “very right, but it could just as well be ‘Anywhere USA.’ “) ***The … Continue reading

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“That Exasperating Zip: Know Its Power”

(Staring mindlessly at the pump, fist clenched, husband’s just another normally-calm man driven to distraction by today’s fail-safe security devices. By the way, see “Express” in the picture? There’s never anything “express” about it when we get gas.) He’s outside … Continue reading

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