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Report Card (6 Months Out) on Biddy Bytes!!!

This post answers the question many of you have asked: “Was the Salem psychic’s prediction right (as to success of” The above is the Biddy card with bling, in keeping with Biddy’s purpose–to provide “sparkle” to others. Cute tee-shirts … Continue reading

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A Spark Sets Egypt Ablaze (in Glory)

(Great Sphinx of Giza sits silent vigil, before the Pyramid of Khafre, Egypt. Photo Recipe for Revolution Take the memory of a 28-year-old Egyptian businessman, Khaled Said, from Alexandria, who was beaten to death by military police last June; … Continue reading

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Beautiful Belugas: “Canaries of the Sea”

At a length of 13-20 feet, in most cases, the Beluga Whale (top photo) is one of the smaller whales, but it has some spectacular vocal skills. (Second photo: Narwhals at play: “It can get prickly out here.”) They chirp … Continue reading

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