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A White Lotus World?

(The white lotus is a delicate flower that puts roots waaayyy down into a watery pool. It only ever takes onto its petals the water it can use, curling inward, repelling the extra. As such, it is a most efficient … Continue reading

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Legacy Counts…on Both Ends

(The first picture is the original building where my Nana stayed in her later years; the complex to the right is the modern day nursing facility operating today. It flanks the Atlantic Ocean. My mother always wanted an ocean view.) … Continue reading

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Glassblowers Beautify Our World

An impressive spun glass sculpture adorns the side of the Clancy Designs, a glassblowing studio, neighbor to the historic Jamestown, Rhode Island windmill. Watch the video of husband/wife artists, David and Jennifer Clancy, as they go about their craft, blowing … Continue reading

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