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“Hellooooooo…I Know Someone’s Out There…”

(1976 Movie Ad for Universal Picture, about the Lovable Extraterrestrial, ET) us_arsenic_bacteria (Click on link above for discovery at Lake Mono, California, home of the arsenic-munching germ) Recently, scientists made a huge discovery right here in the United States–a new … Continue reading

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“The Way Life Should Be” (Maine’s Slogan, on Billboards, as Visitors Enter)

The quintessential charm of Nubble Lighthouse, built in 1879, in York, Maine, has made it the “most photographed lighthouse in America.” Its trolley system, with basket that slides over ropes between island and mainland (for groceries and supplies) was used … Continue reading

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Those Hauntingly-Beautiful Airline Commercials

watch?v=FEYngxOMsmg&feature=related (Click on above link for Korean Air’s hauntingly beautiful ads, each one a work of art.) Do you recall some years back an ad that came on saying “ Gorgeous is….?” A sleek, expensive car pulls up to an … Continue reading

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