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“Our Lives Turn on a Dime…or Around a Corner”

     (Paul Gates’s Chrysler Sebring, April 2010) It happened last April in North Carolina.  My husband was traveling up a mountain road behind our condominium community to look out over the valley, and whack!  As he rounded the bend, he was hit, … Continue reading

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“Forget William Shatner—I’m the Negotiator”

He’s probably made as much of a name for himself selling, as his portrayal of Captain Kirk, commander of the Starship “Enterprise.” In the Priceline ads, he cuts the air with sweeping jabs (karate style) and punches home the … Continue reading

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Languidly Lovely

Spanish-moss-draped trees on a nature preserve in SC (Photo taken by CKMellor in spring, 2010)

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