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On Gentility (or the Lack Thereof)

The “Girls” Take a Stand Just last week, two of us were heading for the counter at a CVS pharmacy.  It looked like a dead heat, but at the last moment, he swerved off to deposit something in a trash … Continue reading

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My Time in the Psych Ward

  Patients howling out of caged windows often got my attention, but the grounds of the institution intrigued me more.  Before going there, I never knew about the complex maze of tunnels running under and between buildings of the state hospital for the … Continue reading

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“I’m Addictive and My ‘Drugs’ Are Everywhere”

  I’ve given up a lot of things in my life, just because “if I like something, I REALLY like it.”  Moderation has always been a problem.  That’s why I never buy a bag of potato chips to bring home, … Continue reading

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