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 Bellagio_gallery20(See what I mean by the pic?..Food smothered in cheese. Even I don’t know what I ordered…)

I know I shouldn’t do this (and you’ll find out what ‘this’ is,) for I had a wise neighbor back in Rhode Island, much older than I who taught me a valuable lesson in life:  If you find something good, don’t share it with another. 

Know what?  He was right, but at the time, I was furious with him. 

You see, I’d asked him for the name of the young boy who did odd jobs for him, and he hemmed and hawed…”Couldn’t recall”…Or he told me he’d “call me later, when it came to him.” But he never did…

I figured the reason out, via another Neighbor Incident.

I hired a young girl in the neighborhood to clean my house and babysit.  Then, I stupidly raved about her to a woman who lived across from me.  What happened?  That woman poached my girl and began calling her for her needs (ahead of me.) 

Upshot? I lost out.

You know the TV show “2 Broke Girls”? Well, I don’t really know it, aside from my viewing it once this past season. Apparently, the story line revolves around two young women (with wickedly disparate passions) who come together out of necessity. 

In short, they’re without funds, so they move in, together, for Mutual Survival.

Well, in a way, my husband and I do this, when eating out, in Asheville…except we’re not young girls and we’re not really ‘broke.’  We just like to see how much of a bang for our buck we can get for our money. 

As 2 Broke Seniors, we make a real mission of finding the Best Bargains in Eating Out in Asheville.

Here’s our hands-down (for now) Best Restaurant in Asheville for sharing a decent-sized, good meal… cheaply.

Bellagio’s, in Woodfin.

Yep…It’s ‘Italian’ and considering we’re from Rhode Island (a.k.a. Rogue Island), we know Italian, for our home state is allegedly infiltrated by the Mob.

Here’s the beauty of this place:  We order one full-breasted, chicken parmigiana, smothered in mozzarella cheese; it comes to us, piping hot, on a huge plateful of spaghetti.  Alongside it are a Greek salad (don’t know why it’s Greek in an Italian restaurant but it’s yummy), and garlic bread (yep, we split that, too).

Cost to us, for dinner? $16.00 for sit-down, full dinner, tax and tip.

In contrast, a mere shared sandwich at Greenlife Grocery Store (owned by Whole Foods), 2 cups of soup (one’s a special price since it comes with half sandwich,) costs us $15.00. 

For that, we stand as we await our order, then go through a check-out line, and carry our food up to the dining room where we wrestle others for a table.

Sometimes, there’s a wait and sometimes, the tables aren’t clean.

So, all in all, we find the Best Bang for our Senior Buck is Bellagio’s.

But “Shhhhhhh………” Don’t tell anyone else, for I know what will happen.  Bellagio’s will be mobbed; we won’t be able to get a table; and their prices will go up.

How do I know?  ‘Losing out to others’ was my neighbor’s reason why he’d never tell me that young boy’s name…the same way I lost my cleaning and babysitting girl.

Now, my question:  “What’s your Best Restaurant or Eatery Bang for Your Buck?” “Do you do the Senior Sharing Thing, too?” Don’t you love it, in Asheville, where 15 of you can go out to a restaurant and all 15 of you can ask, “Separate checks, please?”

If you’ve got your own suggestion for a dining spot that’s terrific (and cheap,) please, by all means–“Log in and Comment”  That way we won’t ALL be at Bellagio’s.

And for our Rhode Island friends, tell us about your “eating-out finds,” as well, since we’re now back in our Home Port, for now…Got any one place that can fulfill the way Bellagio’s does?  We’re all ears.



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