The Plan for Biddy Bytes–Going Forward


Good FridayMorning, All….

I’m all excited…My Anniversary’s coming up!  Ill be completing my 3rd. year of blogging, by the first week of July…Yep, 3 years of putting out posts, sometimes 3 X’s a week (first two years.) That means I’ve written 400 posts!!

But I gotta apprise you of new happenings regarding my blog, Biddy Bytes:

Yes, I’ll still post my irreverent take on life in Asheville, NC and RI, since I hope to help others decide on whether to move to our quaint NC mountain region (always named one of the “Most-Desired Areas for Retirement.”)

I’ll post once a week—on Mondays. So, if I tell you of a “find” I’ve made, you might put it in your plan…(I need to cut back on frequency since my book is in its final stage before completion, and I’ll be proofing it.)

I’l  l’ll still periodically post something that knocks my socks off– not necessarily related to either geographic location (like my post on “When Parenting Hurts.”) Why?  The topic pertains to people in both regions…

    Here’s the rundown on future posts, not necessarily in order they’ll appear:

1.      “2 Broke Seniors Eat Out in Asheville” (I’ll tell you where our best deal is)–RI’ers can see why Asheville’s “Bargain Territory” and offer their own idea of “Best Eat-Out Bargain.”

2.      “When You Don’t Have a Plan for Retirement” (What can happen)…

3.       “Asheville and Surrounds:  Land of Contradictions”

4.      “He Never Learned Easy” (Why Husband Paul Got Disinvited from High School)

5.      The Cicadas Are Coming (But Not to WNC or RI).

6.        “RI’ers:  Are We the Only Ones Who Don’t Appreciate Our Little State?”

7.      “Recognize the Angels in Your Midst” (A Tribute to a RI Lawyer but he’s a model to emulate…)

8.      “When Parents Hurt” (Is this a national epidemic?)

9.        “It’s All in a Name” (Name Change at Marriage)

10.        “In Asheville, You Bettah Have a Dog”

11.       “Dress Code in Asheville” (Right!)

12.  “Children of Asheville”

     So, Please…put a sticky on your computer, with (“Life as a Transplant,” to remind you to check in each Monday…You just might find something of value or a topic you wish to weigh in, on.

             Comment section at bottom of each post. Last HC resident put a comment up, anonymously. I welcome the input…so do your neighbors. Yes, you put your e-mail address on form you’ll fill out, but I never share it and your e-mail address won’t “Go public.”

***What’s My Book?  It’s called Patient Witness and its catalyst is that very event many of you know so well, when my husband, Paul, was hit on Hamburg Mtn. Rd. by a 12-year-old girl driving her uncle’s truck (that happens in these hills.) He “died” the day following surgery, when he choked on swelling in his throat. Staff brought him back but not without complications. When I noted similar flawed communication between hospital/doctors and us (as I did 35 years ago, when my 2nd. husband suffered lung-bone-brain cancer), I determined to write of it.

That, and all the other medical issues I’ve faced, such as breast cancer and MS…

Yes, my Medical Journey’s been a long one. I hope to share what I’ve learned. This book will show how you can become an advocate for yourself or for others, and don’t worry–Much of it’s funny, indeed (in a skewed manner, of course.)

In the meantime, I’ll post to this blog,  on Mondays, and I’m happy to note:  My audience is ever-growing and you’re impressing me with your clever commentary and unique perspective. 

You see, even I know:  My mind’s a dangerous place for me to be alone…..I NEED your company. And for those of you who say “Isn’t Biddy Bytes top-heavy with Asheville influence?”  Not really..A lot of you are considering other places to live. With my posts, I try to show the things we considered and how we evaluated.  Those same apply to any search.  But I’ll still include items of interest to ALL people…

See you Monday when I unleash “2 Broke Seniors.” ‘Til then….

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