Why We Love Greenville, South Carolina


Like a silver serpent spinning across the Reedy River, Greenville’s spectacular suspension bridge cuts a splendid profile from below on the river path.  Flowers dot the terraced hillside, framing the spectacular river cascading over amber stone…


Apparently the town of Greenville in South Carolina, likes me—Biddy Bytes– and that’s just fine with me, because I LOVE them.  How do I know?  A monitor I attach to my site tells me these things and it shows Greenville to be a city where I enjoy serious readership… even if my pieces aren’t too serious. 

Now, my question is “Why?”  Oh, don’t get me wrong…I love the fact they appreciate this Northern girl who’s trying so hard to adapt to this Southern clime, but I find the reality fascinating.  On second thought, however,  most of Greenville’s residents are probably from ‘away,’ like hubby and me.

I have to say that all this computer stuff intrigues me greatly as I try to figure out the in’s and out’s of who does what?…when?…where?  To be successful I have to know my audience, and it’s especially wonderful if Greenville’s one of my markets.  Why?  Greenville’s one of the hottest senior destinations around. 

And it doesn’t hurt that hubby and I enjoy going there.

What’s so attractive about Greenville?  Well, it’s absolutely adorable with its small shops and bistros, especially those around the river walk and the historic north end. Then, there’s that phenomenal bridge, an architectural splendor spanning the river, in gossamer threads. 

Underneath are green grassways and gardens that lead up the hills, while the river, itself, cascades over step-stone embankments, eddying in pools of delight.  Children and parents picnic on the grassy expanses, while young couples walk hand-in-hand. Oh, signs abound warning one not to walk out onto the rocks, but if you visit, you’ll see how those are interpreted….

Now, since it’s such a favorite for those over 55, I thought I’d sing its praises (not that it needs this, thank you, for it’s often touted in magazines as one of the “Top Destinations for Retirees.” 

But here’s another little nugget of information in helping you make decisions about where you might move to.  When we bought in North Carolina, we didn’t realize our new home came with a town tax AND a county tax!  Oh, sure–combined–they still don’t add up to what we pay in RI, but still…. 

The gas tax is higher than home, too! (and we travel a lot.)

Why is this important?  Well, folks usually move to Florida because there’s no state income tax, (and that’s the most obvious perk,) but they might forget other things.  For instance, maybe the sales tax, property tax, or gas tax is higher than their current (I don’t know–I’m just asking.).

So, my message:  Make sure when you’re weighing, you do it in apples-to-apples mode.

But, back to my topic–Greenville, a sweet little hamlet a short drive from Asheville.

Have you been to Greenville, SC?  Heard about it? Are you coming to Asheville? (after all my proselytizing?)

***Other lovely attributes?  The prices.  Gas was $3.59 on recent visit when it was $4.09 in Asheville (it’s dropped everywhere lately, so I can’t imagine what the gas price is there, now) and an hour-long massage at Creative Health on Main Street was $55.00 (and that’s not with Groupon!) Click on the sign on the right to enlarge the advertised prices.

So, Greenville’s a sweet deal all around…

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Know what else?  Greenville folks also like my grandpaandthetruck.com, my other site.  Alexa.com says so and they’re an independent monitor…I guess Greenville folks are just ‘my kind of people.’ And that’s pretty cool.

As ever, “Thank you for your continued support–now on both sites!”



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