“I’m Addictive and My ‘Drugs’ Are Everywhere”


I’ve given up a lot of things in my life, just because “if I like something, I REALLY like it.”  Moderation has always been a problem.  That’s why I never buy a bag of potato chips to bring home, because I know I’ll eat its entire contents, before I get home. Mine is not the household where snack bags sit casually atop the fridge; their contents are in me—within hours. Once I start, I can’t stop.

Ice cream, alone, tops my “Nemesis List,” as major weakness.  And I “bad up” the ante when I add nuts, chocolate sauce, with a hint of caramel to my confection. This combination is perfectly possible in Dairy Queen’s Peanut Buster Parfait-PBP (and I don’t even generally like soft serve). In North Carolina, my car doesn’t need a GPS to find DQ’s many locations; it seems to know instinctively and almost swerves into the parking lot of the many that dot the landscape.

Rhode Island has only one DQ (sign #1-who knows stuff like this, except an addict?)—and it’s not in convenient driving range. Good thing because the afore-mentioned PBP contains 700 calories according to DQ’s website (sign #2 of an addict is negotiating the sin-deliverer’s calories). 

In my life, I’ve given up cigarettes (I smoked two packs a day, 31 years ago), wine (I entertained a many-year affair with Woodbridge and Robert Mondavi), all fried foods (living in the South half the year makes this difficult).  For years, I perpetuated the rite of “sharing a once-a- year cigarette with a sister who still smoked,” because I simply could not contemplate giving up smoking entirely. I finally realized the stupidity of an activity that burned my tongue and left a nasty aftertaste—for days.

Finally,  because I’m cross-addictive, It means I do everything to excess: So, the positive side of that equation is:  I work harder than many (bringing me much success in life); I exercise regularly (despite pain and growing older); and I never quit what I believe in.  

Biddy knows her demons….but she knows her strong points, too.


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