Not Just “The Hunger Games” in These Woods


Think you only see little dogs riding atop horses in the circus?

Think again…

Here, a chihuahua sits atop a steed, on a path at DuPont State Park, in Transylvania County, North Carolina…She regularly goes for a ride with her owner, there.  Here, she stoops to allow grandson Luke to pet her. 

One never knows what will come along these paths….But you’ve got to go out, to these places, to sample this world’s variety.

And, check out this link, from Flickr, for more photos of this beautiful park, where many of the woodland scenes of “the Hunger Games” were shot (there’s more than little dogs riding atop horses going on in these woodlands.)

I’ll have a post soon on that movie…Brrr…I still shake, just thinking about it.  Now, do click on the lower pic of the little dog on the horse, to enlarge–it’s worth it. At least, they’re not menacing balls of flame coming at one, ferocious pack of automated dogs, javelins, swords or other weaponry…the stuff of HG…but you’ll see when I post my reaction…

In the meantime, take in DuPont Park and Triple Falls…truly beautiful.  We who live here know here why it was sought as backdrop for this movie that’s raking in scads of money. It’s become a new mecca for its fans, drawing folks from everywhere. 

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